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Sonalis A

Acoustical structure test apparatus - Non destructive quality inspection from materials

  • Non destructive structure test
  • Microstructures and material defects like cracks, hardness, blowhole
  • Inspection of composite materials
  • Tone test
More information: download the flyer
Technical specifications
Power supply 6V, 1,8 Ah optional 3,6 Ah
Operation time: ca. 2 8 h
Embedded computer 486 CPU
16 MByte DRAM
8 MByte Flashdisk
Microphone Frequency range: 50 20.000 Hz
Sensitivity: -50 +/-2 dB
ADC Sampling rate: 44 kHz
Resolution: 16 Bit
Knocking unit Max. power of impact: 0,4 kN
Repetition rates: 0,5 Hz
Hammer tip: bronze
Weight: ca. 0,5 kg
Available optionally
  • Custom-designed detector head
  • PC-software for data transfer from SONALIS A to a PC via serial port. This software includes a graphical representation of the data, the analysis of the data as well as the programation of SONALIS A.