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Maintenance, Repair und Rebuild of Detectors, Measurement and Test Apparatus
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Various services in physical and technical domain with high expertise
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Maintenance, Repair and Rebuild of Detectors, Measurement and Test Apparatus

Maintenance, Repair, Rebuild of Ge (P and N Type) γ-and X-Ray-Detectors, from any Manufacturers

  • Conventional Vacuum Regeneration
  • Be-Window und Carbon Fiber Window Replacement
  • Detector Electronics Repair
  • FET Replacement, including FET Encapsulation
  • Thermal Sensor Replacement
  • Pre-Amplifier Repair and Adjustment
  • High-Voltage Filter and Cable Repair and Replacement
  • Detector Geometry Modification or Rebuild
  • Custom Detector Reconstruction/ Cryostat Reconstruction
  • Electrical Cooler Vacuum Regeneration
  • Detector Retrofitting for Electrical Cooling

Si Particle Detectors

Scintillations- and Gas-Detectors

Nuclear Electronics

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E-Mail: detector-service@gfe-service.de