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Maintenance, Repair und Rebuild of Detectors, Measurement and Test Apparatus
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Various services in physical and technical domain with high expertise
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GFE is a competent provider of solutions to physical and technical problems.


  • Technical and scientific studies
  • Customer specific developement of innovative products and methods
  • Developement and production of special devices
  • Applied research
  • Scientific and technical advise
  • Processing of scientific Know-how


Our experts derive their competence from permanent cooperatiom with the top research center GSI in Darmstadt.


Physical measurement techniques

  • Nuclear measurement and analysis methods
  • Particle and radiation detection
  • Measurement of physical quantities
  • Complex measurement systems
  • Non-destructive / contact-free materials analysis
  • Radiation shielding

Information technology

  • Computer aided analysis systems
  • Modelling of physical systems
  • Simulation technology
  • User software
  • Visualisation and presentation


  • Fast analog signal processing
  • Digital signal processing
  • Front-end electronics


Our goal is to transfer the most modern and innovative R&D methods, technologies and experience to our customers.


  • Nuclear medicine, radiation diagnosis and therapy
  • Security technology
  • Dosimetry and radiation protection
  • Germanium-detector service
  • Process and product monitoring
  • Quality inspection
  • Environment care and pollution analysis